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Wireless Network

KTH provides wireless connection to Internet for employees, students and guests. On this page you find information about the different types of wireless networks provided.

Wireless Network at KTH


eduroam stands for education roaming and is an international cooperation between universities. It provides researchers, teachers and students easy and secure network access at the home university and when visiting other KTH institutions, with no need for changes to the computers configuration.

Read more about how to connect to eduroam at KTH

Read more about how to Retrieve existing or create a new eduroam network secret


KTH OPEN is a wireless network on KTH that is public available and is a "captive portal". This means that when you connect to the network you will obtain an IP-address. After you have choosen KTH OPEN as your wireless network you will have to start your preferred webbrowser that will redirect you to the login page. All users that have KTH account are able to login. Guests have to order a login.

Guest login

You can order a guestaccount to use the wireless network KTH OPEN on the following page, Order KTH OPEN guest login through the portal for IT matters .