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Deleting browser history

How to delete the cache, cookies and history in your browser

If you can not find instructions for your web-browser search for "Clear cache" in the browser help-menu. If you dont know what browser and version you use, go to the help-menu and choose About [browser name].

Note: Restart your browser if you still have problem after deleting the browser history.

Internet Explorer

From the Safety menu in the Tools menu (the gearwheel up to the right), click Delete browsing history and Delete. Then restart your web-browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Open the View history.... ( the three vertical lines up to the right). Click History and choose Clear recent history. Press Clear Now. Then restart your web-browser.

Google Chrome

Open the Menu ( the three lines up to the right), choose History and History. Cllick Clear browsing data and press Clear browsing data. Then restart your web-browser.


From the Safari-menu, choose Reset Safari.Choose the objects you want to reset, and then click Reset. In Safari 5.1, remove everything. Then restart your web-browser.

Mobile Safari for iPhone OS (iPhone, ipad)

From the startpage press Safari. In the bottom of the screen press the Bookmark icon. In the bottom left corner press Clear. Then restart your web-browser.


If you are using Chrome it will be similar to Chrome for computers.

For other browsers, press Menu and find History or Security settings. Choose clear history. Then restart your web-browser.

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