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Refer your extension

There are several options for refer your extension so you can provide the right information to the caller and searcher.

We have gathered everything and hope you find the way that works best for you.

By phone

You can save a webpage as an app on your mobile phone to easily refer and make searches on extensions

Read more about reference app

You can also dial the referencecodes directly from your fixed extension and from your mobile extension (after you dial 360 and received a dial tone).

Read more about referencecodes

By computer

You can manage your reference and include future and scheduled activities. You can also search for colleagues, manage your voicemail and more.

Read more about office web

Calendar Connection

Calendar connection means that when you make a reservation in Outlook and your extension closes for the specified time.

Please contact Teleservice to activate the service  and you will recieve a guide from us

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Last changed: Dec 06, 2022