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At KTH, we offer a lot of different solutions for telephony and mobile broadband. On this page you can read more about the solutions we offer.

Mobile telephony

KTH offers mobile extensions where you integrate with an extension in the switchboard, a so-called Mobile Extension (MEX)

There are also regular mobile subscriptions concern principally for temporary employment and needed for a longer trip. We will help you with services for your mobile phone as different mobile data packets, roaming packages. We can also transfer your private number to KTH and Tele2 its the operator.

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Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband is used in a computer or tablet, if you have an existing subscription at KTH, you can activate a twin card that reflects the mainhood data packet.

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Reference of extension

For better availability, refer the extension. The callers receive a message of how long we are occupied and when we are back.

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Conference call

KTH offers a conference bridge called Inconference, where you easily makes your extension into a conference room.

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Last changed: May 05, 2023