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Mobile Surf Package for Mobile Subscription

On your Tele2 mobile subscription, you can enable the following mobile surfing package:

Data Cost per month
2 GB 9 SEK
5 GB 22 SEK
10 GB 49 SEK
30 GB 99 SEK
twin card without speech 19 SEK

Down speed:

3G: Up to 16 Mbit/s

4G: Up to 100 Mbit/s

After used data volume:

3 and 4G up to 64 Kbit/s

Prices are valid within the EU/EEA. When traveling to other countries, always check the operator's website for current prices for the operators in the country you are visiting.

Send an SMS to 72661 with the text Data to find out what size it's on its mobile surf and the used mobile surfing.

We have 4G access to where it is available, see more on Tele2's website for this information.

4G at Tele2

Additional data

If your surf package is over, you can set up an additional surf pot to extend your monthly surf package.
This works like when your regular package ends, you start using the extra pot. When the new month begins, you will return to your regular surf package and next time it ends, continue using your buy extra pot until it ends.

1 GB 79 kr
3 GB 159 kr
5 GB 239 kr
10 GB 319 kr

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Last changed: Jun 04, 2019