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Mobile telephony

KTH has operator agreement with Tele2 AB

Mobile extension

You integrate the mobile phone into the switchboard as a normal extension where you call internally with a speed dial number. It includes 5 GB and SMS/MMS and internally you call free of charge..

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Regular mobile subscriptions

Regular mobile subscription is intended primarily for temporary employment and needs during longer journeys.
Subscription is not connected to the switchboard.

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Telematics is used for communication between equipment and they are used among other things like alarms that can use the mobile network and also card terminals.

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Mobile additional services

You can use different types of services such as calling and surfing abroad, ordering extra SIM cards for other devices with the same surf as you have on your mobile subscription. You can have a watch subscription and if you need the 5G network, you need to order an add-on for it.

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Call rates

You can see call prices for landlines, mobile extensions and mobile subscriptions.

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Error report MEX/mobile subscription

Before reporting an error, restart the phone, try the SIM card in another phone.

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Lost/stolen mobile phone

If the mobile phone is lost or stolen contact IT support or Tele2

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Transfer and Porting subscription

You can transfer/port your mobile number to/from KTH.

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