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Hazardous materials

A group is composed at the ITM School to work on issues related to hazardous materials. Contact information and links to further reading is available here.

Contact the group for hazardous materials

Hazardous materials manager, ITM

We belong to the group for hazardous materials

Energy Technology (EGI) Contact
Applied Thermodynamics & Refrigeration (ETT)
Applied Thermodynamics & Refrigeration (ETT)
Heat and power technology (EKV)
Heat and power technology (EKV)
Production Engineering (IPU) Contact
Engineering Design (MMK) Contact
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Contact

Department of Learning

Learning Vacant


The group continuously undergoes various types of courses. You who are member of the group can read more about what courses each person has completed at the KTH Social page for fire prevention and fire

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Systematic Fire Prevention at KTH

Brandskyddsutbildning och utrymningsövning på KTH (Swe)

Brandskyddföreningen (Swe)  (training, tutorials, check lists for evacuations trainings and much more)

Routines and processes at the ITM School

Blankett för delegering av brandfarlig vara, avsluta uppdrag 

Law and regulations about hazardous and explosive goods (MSB, Swe)

Regulations about hazardous liquids (MSE, Swe)

Environment legislation for chemicals and fire

KLARA - Chemical management system online

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Apr 17, 2023