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Please send signed documents to HR ITM .

Risk assessment

General risk assessment must be carried out regularly, as there are risks of ill health and accidents at work. When you are planning to implement any kind of change in your organisation, you need to carry out a risk assessment to assess whether the change may entail risks of ill health or accidents, read more information about this at the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

Risk assessment for organisation changes (Swe, The Swedish Work Environment Authority)

Written documentation is required for all kind of risk assessment (AFS 2001:1, § 8). Below are templates for this.

Mall för riskbedömning (xlsx 20 kB)

Instruktion för riskbedömning och handlingsplan (pdf 99 kB)

Safety representatives should be given the opportunity to participate in the development of the risk assessment and action plan. The employer's representative and the safety representative sign the risk assessment, including the action plan, and it is then taken up in staff collaboration at the level at which the risk exists.

Hazardous materials

Inventeringsblankett (xlsx 21 kB)  (inventory form)

Assignment descriptions

Delegation - Föreståndare Brandfarlig vara (docx 20 kB)

Delegation - Institutions-, avdelningsansvarig föreståndare brandfarlig vara (docx 20 kB)

Delegation - Ställföreträdande institutions-, avdelningsansvarig brandfarlig vara (docx 20 kB)

Fire prevention

At meetings / lessons in ITM's auspices sould the safety powerpoint  be shown.

Working documents

Systematiskt brandskyddsarbete, bilaga 1

Checklista för systematiskt brandskyddsarbete (pdf 218 kB)

Assignment description

Delegation – Brandskyddsansvarig (docx 23 kB)

Bilaga till beslut om delegation brandskyddsansvarig (pdf 741 kB)

Uppdragsblankett för ny Brandskyddsansvarig för institution/ enhet (pdf 51 kB)

Evacuation managers

Delegation - Utrymningsledare (docx 16 kB)

Chemical product

Assignment descriptions

Delegation - Kemikaliansvarig och KLARAadministratör (KAKLARA) (docx 21 kB)

Delegation - Kemikaliekoordinator (docx 17 kB)

Delegation - Inventerare av kemikalier i KLARA (docx 18 kB)

Uppdragsblankett för ny KLARA-registrerare (pdf 46 kB)

KTH's form for investigation of CMR products

KTH's register of exposure


Delegation – Laboratorieansvarig (docx 22 kB)

Safety representative

KTH:s anmälan av huvudskyddsombud och skyddsombud samt avanmälan av skyddsombud


KTH's pages about work environment 

Steering documents work environment