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Gender equality at MSE

Contact and information

The gender equality group at the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department works to eliminate gender stereotypes and promote equality in general. We want to ensure that everyone feels included and enjoys equal opportunities regardless of gender, sexual identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief system, functional impairment, sexual preference or age.

If you need any support because you feel that you have been discriminated, harassed, sexually harassed or victimized, you contact someone directly at MSE, your unit head  or the head of the department .

You might also want to contact somone not from MSE. In that case,

- if you are a student, please contact Andreas Alm Arvidsson  who has been appointed at our school (ITM) as the contact person.

- if you are an employee, please contact Anna Blendow  who is working at the HR-group. 

The MSE gender equality group has two representatives from each of the three units at MSE: 

Raquel Lizarraga Jurado
Raquel Lizarraga Jurado researcher +4687909042 Profile
Victor Lamelas Cubero
Victor Lamelas Cubero doctoral student Profile
Monika Rolinska
Monika Rolinska doctoral student Profile
Jose Juan Bolivar Caballero
Jose Juan Bolivar Caballero doctoral student Profile
Yu-Chiao Lu
Yu-Chiao Lu doctoral student Profile