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SL cards and electric scooters to borrow

You can borrow SL cards in the school's expeditions and service center for business trips up to 24 hours. For even shorter trips at campus there are electric scooters for your you to borrow.


Please contact  with information about date and time to make a reservation. The card is acknowledged from the expedition that confirmed the booking during its opening hours. 

It is also possible to borrow SL cards spontaneously in the ITM School's expeditions or service centers, provided that no one else pre-booked or borrowed the card that day.

When returning the card to the expedition, the receipt is signed again.

Electric scooters

In the school's expeditions / service center there are electric scooters that you can borrow. You can either make a reservation for one week ahead or spontaneously pick one up in one of the expeditions, provided they are not already lent.

The scooter can be used on campus only, and should then be returned to one of the school's two expeditions.

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Dec 18, 2020