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Advertising for PhD students

A central KTH coordinated PhD vacancies advertising takes place five times a year in February, April, June, September and December.
Dates for Co-advertising of vacant PhD student positions .

Recruitment procedures

  1. Contact your HR Administrator   concerning recruitment templates.
  2. Send completed ad to   with cc to your HR Administrator and . (The recruiting manager/ head of division can only see the ad once the ad has been placed into the system.)
  3. Applications will be submitted to the recruitment system. The recruiting manager/Head of division reviews all applications.
  4. The recruiting manager announces who will be hired to   and your HR Administrator.
    A message from the system will then be sent to other applicants.
  5. The recruiting manager/Head of division immediately begins to make the "Study Plan" and "Application for admission to postgraduate education".
    Please note that the person can not be employed as a PhD student until he / she has been admitted to postgraduate education.


The information on these pages guides you through the postdoctoral recruitment process and facilitates and helps to quality assure and streamline the process.

Read more at KTH:s central pages

Technical staff (eg research engineer and researcher)

When hiring a technical staff, you need a recruitment permit. The form "Job Recruitment Request Form" should be used (the text in the fields "Job Description," "Qualification Requirements," and "Other Desired Qualifications" must match the text in the ad) and must be signed by the Head of Department and Head of Division. The field "Dean of School " should be left blank.
The case will later be discussed in the school's Collaboration group and after that forwarded to the central HR Department for resolution. Advertising can take place once the recruitment permit has been approved.


The recruiting procedure for teachers ( Assistant Professors   ) takes place at both SCI School and the central KTH. This is described in the KTH regulations .

Read more about the employment process concerning teachers

Associate Professor and Professor

The recruitment of Associate Professors and Professors is handled by central KTH.

Guide for HR Administrator

To the recruitment guide

Advertising on the web

If you want to publish a recruitment advertisement online, please remember to link to the already existing central recruitment ad.
It is not allowed to create separate advertisements.