Co-advertising of vacant PhD student positions

To get the best impact and at the same time advertise and brand KTH as an employer, all vacant PhD student positions are advertised at the same time, both at our career site and with an ad in a suitable publication (printed or digital).

Advertising vacant PhD student positions should be done simultaneously at KTH nine times a year in February, March ,April , May ,June ,September, October ,November and December. The advertising is managed by the department of personnel and is approved by KTH's President.

Respective school should also regularly distribute information about vacant PhD student positions to other universities with similar academic disciplines.

Dates for co-advertising 2020

All ads must be completed in the recruitment system and requested for publishing (request for publishing-deadline) on the previous Friday before the advertising date.

  • 13 of February (request for publishing central deadline: 7 of February)
  • 12 of March (request for publishing central deadline: 6 of March)
  • 9 of April (request for publishing central deadline: 3 of April)
  • 14 of May ( request for publishing-deadline: 8 of May)
  • 11 of June (request for publishing-deadline: 5 of June)
  • 10 of September ( request for publishing-deadline: 4 September)
  • 8 of October (request for publishing-deadline: 2 of October)
  • 12 of November ( request for publishing-deadline: 6 of november)
  • 3 of December (request for publishing-deadline: 27 of November
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