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Co-advertising of vacant Doctoral student positions

In order to promote KTH and inform as many interested people as possible, all vacant doctoral student positions (study places in third-cycle education) should be advertised simultaneously, partly through our website through digital advertisements and partly via joint advertising in at least one relevant publication.

Dates for co-advertising of vacant doctoral student positions 2024

Thursday 8 February (request for publishing - central deadline: friday february 2)

Thursday 7 March (request for publishing - central deadline: friday march 1)

Thursday 4 April (request for publishing -central deadline: Wednesday march 27)

Thursday 2 May (request for publishing - central deadline: friday april 26)

Thursday 5 June (request for publishing - central deadline: friday may 31)

Thursday 5 September (request for publishing -central deadline: friday august 30)

Thursday 3 October (request for publishing - central deadline: friday september 27)

Thursday 7 November (request for publishing - central deadline: friday november 1)

Thursday 5 December (request for publishing -central deadline: friday november 29)

Submitting the recruitment profile accordning to HR's instructions.

Advertising vacant doctoral student positions should be done simultaneously at KTH nine times a year in February, March ,April , May ,June ,September, October ,November and December. The advertising is managed by the central HR department of personnel and is approved by KTH's President decision.

Any additional announcements of vacancies in third-cycle education may only take place during the co-advertising period.

Respective school should also regularly distribute information about vacant doctoral student positions to other universities with similar academic disciplines.

Advertising does not need to take place:

  • in the admission of doctoral students who are to undergo training in the framework of an employment with an employer other than KTH.
  • when admitting a doctoral student who has previously started his/her third-cycle studies at another higher education institution;
  • if there are similar specific reasons.

Advertising should not take place:

  • when it comes to externally employed doctoral student