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Rules regarding recruitment advertising

All recruitment advertising at KTH must go via the personnel department at GVS. Through KTH's regular advertising with a uniform layout and logo, KTH acquires a visual identity that becomes characteristic of KTH's profile and image. KTH uses a recruitment system where we handle the entire recruitment process, including advertising for all types of recruitment, from the initial phase to review and decision on employment.

Recruitment advertising rules

KTH's rules for advertising can be found in the " Guideline onadvertising of employment" .
The advertising time is at least 10 calendar days from the day the ad was
published. In the case of the employment of teachers (assistant lecturer, senior
lecturer and professor), the advertising period must be at least three weeks. Employment
profile in Swedish is a minimum requirement.

NOTE! To ensure that advertisements are published and extended in time, a request for publication must be submitted at least three working days in advance. All ads are handled in the order they come in. For extension of application time, this means that if the last application day is a Monday, the request for extension should be received no later than Wednesday the week before. If the last day to apply is a Friday, the request for an extension should be sent in no later than Tuesday, etc.

Recruitment ads published on KTH´s external website end up here