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Support in the work with joint and coordinated support services

Within the framework of the work with joint and coordinated support services, continuous support for the work is developed. The purpose is to support the development in four areas; process mapping, change management, project communication and project management at KTH. Each area must, in the same way as the support services in its entirety, aim to ensure that no matter where at KTH the support is needed, it is accessible and equivalent.

Offering and producing support has been part of the work in the analysis of KTH support services and is now part of the work within the programme for a joint and coordinated support services at KTH. The support is developed gradually and shall consist of training for self-study, information materials and support materials such as templates and checklists. In addition, support is given to individual projects and process mappings that are prioritized in the development work. The goal is to establish a joint KTH working model for further development of support services, which will be available in October 2022.

Programme Secretariat

Please contact the Programme Secretariat for joint and coordinated support services should you have any questions or to discuss the need for support.

Malin Ryttberg, Management Office (MO)
Wanda Manninger, Education Office (EDO)
Anna Johansson, Communications and Business Liaisons (CBL)


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