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International operations

The international operations at KTH include a number of programmes, projects and collaborations, many of which are made possible through external funding. Among other things, student and staff exchange and cooperation with leading universities worldwide. The operations aims to develop and enrich KTH and strengthen its position as one of Europe's leading technical universities through international knowledge exchange and joint ventures.

Financing international projects

KTH operates international projects in a number of areas, such as capacity building in developing countries, mobility scholarships and development of joint programmes and courses. KTH can apply for funding for projects and collaborations through European and national programmes.

Programmes for external funding

Student and staff mobility

Partnership agreements and external financing from mainly the European Commission make it possible for a third of the students graduating from KTH to spend one or two semesters at a partner university. At the same time KTH receives over 1,000 exchange students every year. Staff also have the opportunity for international exchange.

  Internal and external staff exchange

Joint Master's programmes

KTH offers around 20 Master's programmes jointly with one or more partner universities where students spend part of their education abroad and have the opportunity to obtain a double or joint degree. Most of the programmes are made possible by funding or collaboration though EIT, Erasmus+ and Nordic Five Tech.

Focus regions

As part of the long-term efforts to recruit qualified overseas students and to develop research collaborations, KTH has chosen to focus its outreach activities in four regions. China, India, Southeast Asia and Brazil are the four focus regions .