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Unite! contacts at KTH

Chief responsibles at KTH are President Anders Söderholm and Vice president for global relations, Stefan Östlund. Coordinator locally and within Unite! (Key Liaison Officer, KLO) is Mirko Varano, VS/EDO.

Unite! education (Erasmus+, E+)

Project leader for projects relating to education and studies within Unite! at KTH: Patrik Gärdenäs , VS/EDO. This project is financed through the EU programme Erasmus+.

The activities within Unite!E+ take place in Communities (Cm). All universities are represented in all Cms but each has a Community Leader from one of the universities. Below is a list of all Commuities involved in the areas of education and studies with its coordinating university and the names of contact persons from KTH.

  • Cm 1 – Management, governance and quality assurance (TU Darmstadt)
    Mirko Varano, VS/EDO
  • Cm 2 – Digital Campus (TU Graz)
    Joakim Petersson, VS/IT
  • Cm 3: Diversity, Inclusion & Well-being (ULisboa)
    Roh Petas, VS/HR

  • Cm 4: Innovative teaching and learning (Aalto)
    Arnold Pears, Björn Kjellgren, ITM/Learning in engineering sciences

  • Cm 5: Flexible Educational Offerings (KTH)
    Johanna Simonsson, VS/EDO

  • Cm 6: Professional development & Training (Grenoble INP-UGA)
    Elizabeth Keller, ITM/Learning in engineering sciences, Petra Rosenquist, VS/HR

  • Cm 7: Doctoral Education for Research & Innovation and Society (PoliTO)
    Rahmat Khodabandeh, ITM/Department of energy technology

  • Cm 8: An Open Innovation Community for the Green Transition (Wroclaw Tech)
    Viktor Olsson, VS/INV

  • Cm 9: Strategic Outreach, Impact and Dissemination
    Kjell Carli, VS/COM

Unite! research and innovation (Horizon 2020, H2020)

The project ended December 2023. Project leader was Maria Gustafson , GVS/RSO. This project was financed through the EU programme Horizon 2020.

The activities within Unite!H2020 took place in Work Packages (WP). All universities were represented in all WPs but each had a Work Package Leader (WPL) from one of the universities. Below is a list of all WPs with its coordinating university and the names of contact persons from KTH.

  • WP1 – Management (PoliTO)
    Maria Gustafson, VS/RSO
  • WP2 – Common research and innovation agenda (PoliTO)
    Jenny Wanselius, VS/RSO
  • WP3 – Sharing infrastructure and resources (Grenoble INP-UGA)
    Sanna Pehrson, VS/RSO
  • WP4 – Reinforcing academia-business cooperation (UPC)
    Siimon Vaske, VS/INV
  • WP5 – Strengthening human capital (ULisboa)
    Petra Rosenquist, VS/HR
  • WP6 – Creating a High Impact European Open Science and Innovation University (Aalto)
    Pernilla Looman, VS/KTHB
  • WP7 – A Unite! strategy for societal outreach and involvement of citizens in R&I (KTH)
    Pia Isabel Schmitt, VS/EDO
  • WP8 – Exploring collaboration potential and joint structures of European university (TU Darmstadt)
    Mirko Varano, VS/EDO
  • WP9 – Disseminating and communicating Unite! (UPC)
    Kjell Carli, VS/COM
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