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Equality Forum

KTH Equality Office presents Equality Forum during 2022

During 2022, KTH Equality Office will initiate a new digital meeting place for both employees and students regarding issues of gender equality, diversity and equal conditions, called Equality Forum. The aim of Equality Forum is to increase accessibility to these questions through regularly occurring themed sessions for information and discussion, based on needs raised by the organization itself. Equality Forum- meetings will take place once a month, primarily via Zoom, and offer possibilities of in-house training and dialogue.

Please note: Equality Forum-sessions will be held mostly in Swedish, but on certain occasions in English. Language will be announced beforehand.

Participants are obliged to sign up to each session through KTH:s calendar of events at Calendar | KTH


Equality Office- sessions spring 2022:

10/2, 10-12 am: Racism and anti-racism. Lecture by Ph.D Anna Adeniji. Language: Swedish. More info:

8/3, 10-12 am: Gender equality, diversity and equal conditions ant KTH. What actions are taken and how? Examples and experiences.

28/4, 10-12 am: Case management regarding reports of discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment at KTH.

19/5, 11-12 am: The winner of The KTH Presidents Prize for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Conditions 2021 presents themselves. Language: English.

1/6, 10-12 am: Presentation and discussion of the results of the Swedish higher education survey study regarding prevalence of sexual harassment and gender-based vulnerability conducted during 2021. KTH has been one of the driving forces in getting the study conducted.

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