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KTH Equality Office

KTH Equality Office is a unit that coordinates and supports KTH's work on gender equality, diversity and equal conditions. Here you can find information about Equality Office's work and contact details.

About KTH Equality Office

Equality Office is a central coordinating function at KTH that coordinates and supports KTH's work on gender equality, diversity and equal conditions . Equality Office, enables KTH to conduct research-based proactive work at a strategic and practical level. The aim is to promote gender equality, diversity and equal terms in an intersectional perspective throughout the university's organisation. These efforts are based on legal requirements as well as institution-specific governing documents and guidelines.

The unit cooperates both internally and externally in order to develop KTH’s operations in accordance with defined objectives. In addition to work related to gender mainstreaming, the Equality Office also coordinates the active measures required by the Discrimination Act and reporting to the Discrimination Ombudsman. The Equality Office coordinates its work with KTH's systematic work environment and sustainability efforts.

Cooperation and target groups

In cooperation with other internal faculty and operational support actors that deal with issues of gender equality, the unit intends to systematise and streamline this field of inquiry. It focuses on both structural and cultural aspects of inequality and gender inequality. The work targets the entire operational population:

  • Employees, faculty as well as support activities.
  • Students at the first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle levels.


For questions about the JML-work at KTH, please contact: