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President and management

The President is head of authority and has the overall responsibility for KTH's activities under the University Board. The President is appointed by the Government for a maximum of six years following a proposal from KTH's University Board. The Deputy President is appointed by KTH's University Board and is the President's deputy.

President and Deputy President 

Picture of Deputy President Mikael Östling.

Mikael Östling
Deputy President

Responsible for strategic partnerships and research infrastructure


University Director 

Vice Presidents


Photo: Vice President for Digitalization Jan Gulliksen.

Jan Gulliksen, Vice President responsible for Digitalization:

  • Investigate KTH's position regarding digitalization of education, research, and collaboration as well as carry out competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Make recommendations regarding digitalization for positioning KTH
  • Develop a strategy for digitalization at KTH.


Jan Gulliksen's posts on digitalization in the Vice Presidents' blog

Gender Equality and Values 

Photo: Vice President for Gender equality and values Anna Wahl.

Anna Wahl, Vice President for Gender Equality and Values:

  • Development of a plan for gender mainstreaming at KTH
  • Explore gender inequalities
  • Development of goals for gender mainstreaming
  • Formulate measures and initiatives for gender mainstreaming
  • Development of work with values.


Anna Wahl's posts on equality in the Vice Presidents' blog

 Dean and Vice Dean of Faculty

Dean of Faculty, vacant

Responsible for quality in research and education:

• Chair of the Faculty Council (the Faculty Council is for the time being led by the Vice Dean of Faculty)

• Chair of the Appointment Board (the Appointment Board is for the time being led by the Vice-Chair)


Photo: Vice Dean of Faculty Sofia Ritzén.

Sofia Ritzén
Vice Dean of Faculty

Responsible for the quality of research and education:

  • Deputy Chair of the Faculty Council
  • Deputy Chair of the Board Education.


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