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Organisation and Management

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is a university and a public authority where the core activities of education and research are organised in five schools. Each school is led by a Head of School that reports to KTH's President.


KTH's activities are separated into different Schools. Each of these is heading a number of Departments, Centres of excellence and undergraduate study programmes.

The schools websites

University Management

University Board

The President of KTH reports to the University Board. The board has 15 members: the chairperson, who should be one of the eight external representatives, three faculty members, the President and three students.

President, Deputy President and Vice Presidents

The President is appointed by the government for a period of six years after nomination by the University Board. The Deputy President is appointed by the University Board. Vice Presidents are appointed for special tasks by the President.

Head of School Council

The Head of School council consists of the President, Vice President, University Director and all Head of Schools.

Strategic Council

Strategic Council consists of the President, Deputy President, Dean of Faculty, Vice Dean of Faculty, Vice Presidents, University Director, all Head of Schools and two student representatives. Strategic Council deals with matters concerning all KTH schools and is a forum for discussion and information. Meetings in President's Strategic Council are taking place monthly.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is responsible for the quality of KTH's education and research. The Faculty Council is chaired by the Dean of Faculty. Depending on the character of issues that are handled, the Faculty Council decides itself or prepare proposals for decisions to the President regarding questions related to education, research and employment of new faculty. A number of Programme Committees and Sub-Committees are subordinate to the Faculty Council.

KTH Schools

The KTH Schools are responsible for education and research activities at KTH.

At the different KTH Competence Centres activities of a varied nature are conducted; these often pertain to new research areas and frequently involve joint efforts with business life and the community. Each of the KTH Centres do always have a formal connection of some kind with one of KTH's Schools.

Administration and services

The University Administration (UA) is handling both administration and service functions for the entire university.