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First and Second Cycle Education Committee (GU)

The First and Second Cycle Education Committee (GU) is one of three underlying and more operational bodies of the Board of Education.


GU plans, discusses and prepares questions about education at preparatory, first and second cycle level. Matters are raised on the Committee’s own initiative or on behalf of, for example, the President or the Board of Education.


GU consists of:

  • Vice-President for Education (Chairman)
  • Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) from all schools (substitute for each GA is deputy GA or the school UA)
  • two student representatives.


Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (GA)

ABE - School of Architecture and the Built Environment

CBH - School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health

EECS - School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ITM - School of Industrial Engineering and Management

SCI - School of Engineering Sciences

Student Representatives

Agnes Berg, Head of Educational Affairs (THS),

Tilda Byrstedt, Head of Educational Affairs (THS),


GU-x are extra meetings that are held when needed. Who participates, in addition to regular members, depends on the agenda.

GU-x are meetings were initiated due to the ongoing pandemic. GU-x will continue as long as the pandemic continues, and new recommendations from the Swedish Health Agency, and decisions from the Government may need to be implemented in Education.

  • Katarina Jonsson Berglund , Head of Education Office (EDO) at GVS
  • Joakim Lilliesköld ,Director of the steering group for the Education Platform (IT-platform for Education)
  • Stefan Stenbom , Operational Leader for The Special Workgroup for the Digitalisation of Education (AG)
  • Elin Lindblad, Vice Operational Leader for AG, and Team Leader for Remote examination,

More information about the Board of Education

The Board of Education has in addition to GU also two other operational committees:

  • Third-Cycle Education Committee (FU)
  • Educational Administration Committee (UU)
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