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Administrative Assessment Exercise (AAE)

In 2014, KTH initiated an evaluation of its administration. The project was named Administrative Assessment Exercise (AAE) and was conducted in three stages: self-evaluation, external peer review and follow-up. In all, 15 administrative processes were evaluated within the project.

The overall purpose of the AAE was to contribute to improving the KTH administration. The project was designed to build on the quality work that has been conducted within the administration in the last few years and to evaluate these efforts. This work has been directed towards improving administrative procedures and work processes, and the approach has been one of administrative operational development through experience exchange between administrators from different parts of KTH. Each year, several such strategic projects have been undertaken. Therefore, in a sense, the AAE formed a scaled-up continuation of this work.

The AAE was also expected to have a number of positive side effects. Amongst these was the administrative staff’s increased knowledge about evaluations and quality work, including a greater understanding of the processes that teachers and researchers continuously undergo in, for instance, RAE and EAE. Through the AAE, administrative work would also become more visible throughout the organisation. This development, in turn, would facilitate better communication between administration, faculty, students, and other stakeholders.

Read the AAE Summary report (pdf 1.2 MB)