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KTH’s vision and overall goals 2024–2028

KTH’s vision and overall goals for the period 2024–2028


We take the lead for a sustainable society

KTH shapes the future through education, research, and innovation. Situated in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, we stand as a unifying force internationally to tackle global challenges. We embrace diversity and attract talent from across the globe. Together we bring ideas to life. Our academic freedom and principles of openness and transparency are fundamental to democracy and the advancement of knowledge. We are bold, creative, and responsible, driven by our purpose to enable sustainable and gender-equal societies.

Overall goals for the period 2024–2028


KTH’s education shall be of the highest quality and internationally competitive

KTH shall educate a wide range of engineers, architects, teachers, and researchers who can lead the transformation to a sustainable, gender-equal world. Our degree programs shall advance knowledge in society and meet the job market’s need for highly qualified labour and flexible continuing professional development.

Our degree programs shall be relevant to a rapidly changing world and be characterised by pedagogic renewal, student-centered learning, research-based knowledge, and flexible study paths. There shall be a close link between education and research, with teachers who both teach and conduct research. We shall develop our students’ practical professional skills and their ability to think innovatively through interactive teaching solutions, open experimental environments, and close collaborations with industry and other societal stakeholders. Students shall develop critical thinking and collaborative skills in their degree programs to be able to manage complex challenges responsibly. We shall develop responsible entrepreneurship among students and provide them with what they need to transform ideas into reality. We shall offer good opportunities for student exchanges that promote international perspectives.


KTH’s research shall be world-leading and have a major impact

KTH shall conduct excellent basic research and applied research in strong international research environments characterised by openness, integrity, and academic freedom. We shall be a global driving force for bringing together different resources and areas of expertise in research and innovation. We shall contribute to the transformation needed for a sustainable society through interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration with leading universities, industry, and other societal stakeholders.

Our teachers and researchers shall have competitive conditions in place to conduct research, and we shall have the capacity to strategically recruit leading international academics. We shall promote strong academic leadership, and our research environments shall be inclusive and equal. Our research infrastructures shall be of high quality and promote groundbreaking research and knowledge exchange. Our research shall uphold high credibility, follow sound research ethics, and be transparent and accessible. KTH shall play an active role at European and national levels in the development of research policy and funding.

Working and study environment

KTH’s working and study environment shall be attractive, inclusive and equal

KTH’s success is built by our staff and students. We shall attract outstanding teachers, researchers, and ambitious students worldwide. We shall attract the right expertise to our support services, contributing to the quality of our education and research. We shall be an international, development-oriented university characterised by gender equality, diversity, and equal opportunities. The varying characteristics, backgrounds, and cultures of our staff and students are assets that promote high quality in the operation of the university. Our campuses shall be sustainable, vibrant, and accessible.

The working environment shall be creative and safe, where staff thrive and have what they need to succeed in their work. We shall value a work-life balance for our staff and offer flexible working solutions. Our staff shall have good opportunities for career progression and continuing professional development.  

The study environment shall be safe and characterised by a rich, inclusive student life that offers experiences, social connections, and added value for students’ long-term development. Our physical and digital learning and studying environments shall support collaboration and interaction between students and teachers.

Efficient, sustainable resource management

KTH’s working methods shall be efficient, sustainable and forward-looking

KTH shall have the ability to set priorities and make changes to improve the efficiency and quality of the university’s operations. Our finances shall be in balance and we shall use our resources responsibly and sustainably. We shall have simple processes that are fit for purpose, and the support for education and research shall be efficient and easily accessible. Digital solutions shall simplify administration and be used to develop operations. We shall have efficient, long-term premises planning with climate-smart buildings designed according to the needs and conditions of our operations.

Our organisation shall have a clear division of responsibilities, efficient preparatory work, and swift decision paths. Collegiality, employee engagement, and student influence shall be fundamental to our development work, and we shall have leadership that promotes participation by all staff. A strong, forward-looking quality culture shall permeate our work to monitor and develop operations.