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Web organisation for KTH's common website

In addition to the general managers, each common section and school website has a content manager.

KTH's website is maintained by a general management group that maintains common guidelines, monitors overall concepts and conducts development work for the website, and by an editorial organisation with content managers who coordinate the work of web editors.

The following persons are responsible for management and authorizations of the entries on the KTH web site.

General content managers

KTH website - general issues

Sara Öhman,

Internal website

Marianne Norén,

Content managers of common sections

National student recruitment

Daniela Kuhn Bueno,

International student recruitment

Daniel Lindmark,  (If you are a prospective student and have questions, contact , emails sent to Daniel will not be answered)



Business and Community

Malin Nordin Bartlett,


Cecilia Ljunglöf,

About KTH

Amalia Kewenter,


Sara Lind,

Student at KTH

Hanna Egelrud,

Content managers at KTH schools

School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Josefin Backman,

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Moa Hörnquist,

School of Engineering Sciences

Marta Marko Tisch,

School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health

Jon Lindhe,

School of Industrial Engineering and Management

Ulrika Georgsson,