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Canvas@KTH will be updated on November 17th

Published Nov 02, 2023

Soon, Canvas@KTH will be updated to better fit in with teachers' use of Canvas. The training will function as before but with updated content. In the new version, there are learning objectives for the training and a part about New Quizzes. We also take the opportunity to clarify the structure and focus the content.

What's new in Canvas@KTH?

The update brings many minor changes and some major ones. The major changes are explained under the following headings.

A new part about New Quizzes

New Quizzes is a popular feature in Canvas that will now be a part of the material in Canvas@KTH. In the training, you will be able to read about the function and also try creating your own quiz. The focus will be entirely on New Quizzes as Classic Quizzes are about to be phased out.

More focused content

In the new version, the content is divided into basic knowledge and optional material for further reading. Most links end up in the optional material to make the text easier to read. You can get through the training with just the basic knowledge.

We will also clean out COVID-specific content.

Clearer module structure

The training goes from four to five modules by dividing the "Create and share content" module into "Create materials" and "Build a course structure". All modules also get clearer names, see the following list:

  • 💡 Navigate and prepare.
  • 📚 Create materials.
  • 🏗️ Build a course structure.
  • ☎️ Communicate with students.
  • 🗄️ Grade in Canvas.

Adding learning objectives

We have added learning objectives in Canvas@KTH to clarify the purpose of the training. If you want, you can also use the learning objectives while taking the training or afterwards.

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  1. navigate in Canvas using the global navigation menu and course menu. 
  2. use the Student View to check how it looks for students. 
  3. create, edit, and publish content types: pages, assignments, quizzes, announcements, and discussions. 
  4. structure a course room tailored to your purpose using built-in features in Canvas, such as modules.
  5. mention different ways to communicate with students and when these are more or less suitable.
  6. set and publish assessments from both the assessment overview and SpeedGrader.

What is Canvas@KTH?

Canvas@KTH is a self-study training that introduces Canvas to you as a teacher at KTH. The training will help you develop digital educational material adapted for Canvas and prepare you to meet your students online. By the end of the training, we hope you will have a stable and secure foundation for your future work in Canvas.

Canvas@KTH - An introductory course .

When will the update go through?

The update takes place on Friday, November 17th, during the afternoon.

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