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Planned support for quizzes/partial exams (kontrollskrivningar) for P1

Published Sep 03, 2020

Due to the president's decision regarding control writing during P1 Autumn 2020, E-learning will develop a solution for setting up special partial exam course rooms in Canvas and publish information on the implementation of partial exams in Canvas. The work is expected to be completed by week 37.

Two options for 9 Sep–23 Oct

In short, examiners and teachers will be able to choose between two options:

  1. publish and use special partial exam course rooms in Canvas (for which e-learning creates a technical solution at the time of writing).
  2. carry out their partial exams in regular course rooms.

Information on how you can carry out partial exams in Canvas will be available on the E-learning website  from Monday 7 September.

Partial exams before 8 Sep

For partial exams that are carried out up to and including 8 September, E-learning can, upon requests, create partial exams course rooms manually.

Request via GA

This request must come from each school's Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) to  and contain information about:

  • name of the partial exam
  • date of implementation
  • (attach) a list with of teachers
  • (attach) a list with of students

The school's responsibility

Each school is responsible for the implementation of the actual partial exam regarding matters of any invigilator, creation of any Zoom rooms, and the like.


For compensatory support for students with disabilities, you need to contact Funka separately.

Contact Funka

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