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Support for working with Generative AI

Published Nov 09, 2023

Generative AI tools, examples of which include ChatGPT, Google Bard, and DALL-E, have become quite popular in the past year. In order to approach their use ethically and legally, there are guidelines to follow, as well as tips on how to use them as part of the curriculum.

Generative AI in higher education webpages 

Generative AI applications have become increasingly accessible and popular among both students and teachers around the world. As a university, we at KTH must consider the impact of generative AI on students' learning, both negative and positive. The webpages published on the Intranet include guides on how to:

Working with generative AI (workshop) 

You, as a teacher or administrator, will learn to use generative AI and test how to streamline your work with a generative AI tool. We will also mention the possible legal issues and address some ethical considerations. The goal is that you leave the workshop with new ideas about when and how you can use generative AI in your own work.​ 

A workshop can be ordered by everyone who is working at KTH.

Introduction to generative AI (90 min)

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