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Workshop: Enhance your Canvas room

In this workshop you will, together with other teachers, get the knowledge and tools to enhance your Canvas rooms with a uniform and accessible structure that supports the students and makes it easier for you as a teacher.

Time: Thu 2023-02-23 15.15 - 17.00

Video link: Zoom

Language: Swedish

Participating: E-learning

Do you want a workshop about a different topic?

If the workshops that are planned do not cover your needs, you can request your own workshop from E-learning for you and your colleagues. You can choose a workshop that has already been developed or request a new one.

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Purpose of the workshop

In this workshop, the participants learn how the Canvas room's structure can help or obstruct students' knowledge acquisition. Participants get to evaluate and reflect on some sample rooms in Canvas and exchange constructive feedback for their Canvas rooms.

More information and learning objectives for the workshop  ​

Prepare a Canvas room to work in

For you to participate in this workshop, you need to have access to a Canvas room where you are the course manager, teacher, or examiner and which you want to develop further.

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