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Enhance your Canvas room (120 min)

You as a teacher will learn more about how the built-in structure in Canvas can be used and adapted to develop clearer and more easily understood Canvas rooms.

A workshop can be ordered by everyone who is working at KTH.


In this workshop, you will develop knowledge about how the structure in a Canvas room can help or obstruct students' knowledge acquisition. You get to evaluate some sample course rooms in Canvas, and exchange constructive feedback for your own Canvas room. You will be introduced to two different tools for developing clearer Canvas rooms.


Before the workshop, you need to decide on a course room, examination room or other room in Canvas that you want to develop further. You need to have the course code for this Canvas room available.

Time required

2 hours.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Differentiate between common forms of structure such as schema structure and content structure.
  • Identify possible workflows based on the structure of a Canvas room.
  • Influence the workflow of students by changing the structure.
  • Explain how to create a clear and accessible structure in Canvas.
  • Explain the risks of deviating from the built-in content structures in Canvas.
  • Analyze which different content types are in the Canvas room and how these are reflected in the structure.