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Peer review and Ouriginal (60 min)

You as a teacher get to explore two functions in Canvas: peer review with the function "Peer review" and plagiarism review with the text matching tool Ouriginal.

A workshop can be ordered by everyone who is working at KTH.


You as a teacher will learn to use peer review in Canvas via the "peer review" function. You will also learn how you can review your students assignments for plagiarism with the text matching tool Ouriginal.

The workshop will go through recommended settings and working methods for both individual peer review and group-based peer review.

Participants will explore the features and plagiarism reports in small groups.


Feel free to have your sandbox  (an empty Canvas room) ready for the workshop. You can also participate in the workshop without a sandbox.

Time required

1 hour.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should:

  • Be able to add plagiarism review in Assignments.
  • Be able to add matrices for Peer review (in Assignments).
  • Have seen what the analysis of the plagiarism review looks like.
  • Be able to instruct their students in how to avoid self-plagiarism.
  • Describe different ways to assess individual peer review (in Assignments, through Discussions). 

  • Describe different ways to structure peer review for groups (through Discussions).

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