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Calendar and groups in Canvas (60 min)

Learn to use the Canvas calendar and groups in this workshop, both individually and together. You as a teacher get practical, hands-on experience in creating groups and distributing assignments to them in Canvas. You also get to create meetings with students in the Canvas calendar and learn to work with the calendar in connection with groups.

A workshop can be ordered by everyone who is working at KTH.


You will have the opportunity to try different ways to create groups and distribute assignments to single or multiple groups. You will also create meetings with students and see what it looks like for the students.

The workshop is suitable for those who are already familiar with Canvas but want to get more out of the service.


All participants need an empty Canvas room, a sandbox , to be able to perform the tasks.

Time required

1 hour.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should:

  • be able to explain how different types of groups are created in Canvas
  • have explored the possibilities with the group's page
  • be able to add and limit assignments to groups
  • be able to create calendar events to book meetings with students
  • have tested to create groups with others on site and tested the student's experience.