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Fika Chat with Per Berglund about continuous assessment

Podcast "Fika Chat on the Future of Education" – episode 20

Photo of Per (by Jon Lindhe).

Johan Fridell chats over coffee (fika) with guests from or outside KTH about the future of education in general and the change programme "Future Education at KTH" in particular. In this episode, we welcome Per Berglund, who works at the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH).

Time: Wed 2023-11-15 16.30 - 17.00

Video link: Zoom

Language: Swedish

Participating: Johan Flid Fridell, Per Berglund, Anna Jerbrant

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The chat in Zoom will be open as usual, so everyone is welcome with questions and reflections.

Temporarily changed podcast time today!

This week's podcast will go live sometime after 16:00.

Today's guest: Per Berglund

Per has had and has many different roles at KTH. For example, he has been KTH's Vice Dean of Faculty with special responsibility for educational issues, and today, he is a member of KTH's Board of Education.

Per's profile

Manages the project Digital and Continuous Assessment

Within our development programme, Future Education at KTH, Per manages the CBH project Digital and Continuous Asessement. Welcome to today's podcast, where Johan and Anna Jebrant will talk about continuous assessment with Per.

Project: Digital and Continuous Assessment

Example of a continuous examination

Choosing and designing examination

About the podcast

Johan Fridell chats over coffee (fika) with guests from or outside KTH about the future of education in general and our change programme "Future Education at KTH" in particular.

Weekly podcasts from the autumn semester of 2023

As of the autumn semester of 2023, the podcast will go live every Wednesday (spring semester of 2023, it was every other Wednesday). We will continue until further notice on Wednesdays at 15:00–15:30.

Co-create for the podcast

Since we are podcasting live, you have the opportunity to ask questions and comment during the conversation. If you have your own wishes about what you would like to hear, or maybe even participate in the podcast yourself, you are welcome to contact  (write "podcast" in the subject line).

Podcast host: Johan Fridell

You may recognise the podcast host Johan Fridell, who, during the corona pandemic, podcasted with a former KTH colleague about digitalisation at KTH. Search for Fikapodden (or & Fika) on Spotify or Youtube.

Johan Flid Fridell
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