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Digitisation - (Priority group) - Principles for future education

The PriU groups are an informal but important and established forum for teachers, programme managers, students and others involved in education at KTH, to meet, share experiences and ideas about education. The Priority Issues Unit (PriU) for Digitisation works on digitisation at KTH, for different categories of staff and for different activities.

Time: Mon 2022-10-03 15.00 - 17.00

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Theme - Digitisation and the principles for future education

Welcome to the first meeting of the PriU Digitisation Group this autumn! At the previous meeting, we agreed to discuss how we could divide this broad topic in a more systematic way. This also links to KTH's principles around Future Education.
In order to create as broad a coherence as possible, we will run the meeting as a workshop where we try to break down the different parts of the concept of digitisation and link it to the Future of Education.

Issues that will be addressed are

  • What are the different elements included in the concept of digitisation?
  • To which heading under "Education of the Future" does each part link?
  • What is this part about (2-3 sentences)?

If there is time, we will also try to define the needs within each part (new technology development, introduction of new systems or teacher support to users) and discuss what is the responsibility of the digitisation team and what should be driven by others.