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Name change of role for registered students in course rooms in Canvas

Published Jun 17, 2022

Soon, the description of registered students will change in the course room in Canvas. Registered students will be referred to as "Registered student" in course rooms, instead of being referred to as the more obscure "Student".

The name change clarifies who is registered

Students who are registered for the course currently have the role "Student" in Canvas. However, after the name change, the role for registered students will be referred to as "Registered student" in the course room.

The role's new name is chosen to clarify that the student is registered when they go from the role "Admitted not registered student" to the role "Registered student".

The name change only changes the name of the role, all rights will be the same as "Student" has now.

The name change only applies to course rooms

The role "Registered student" will only be used in course rooms. In examination rooms, students will still be added as "Student".

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Last changed: Jun 17, 2022