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Course participants - internal service

In the "Course participants" service, you can see participants in a course /-offering by entering the course code and selecting the semester for which you want to apply for course participants.

Participation in the course/-offering refers to new students on the course and those who are re-registered on the course/-offering. Students who have completed the course, have taken a break are not included in the participation for the course/-offering for the period.

In the service, you can see what different support the students have been recommended by Funka. There are two different authorization levels for information regarding Funka:

• Examiners see information about P-type support and R-type support at the individual level.

• Course coordinators, teachers and some administrators see information about the number of unique students with the respective support codes combinations, but not at the individual level. Course coordinators and teachers have access to the service if they have a current course opportunity

The Course Participant service is available in the personal menu under services for the groups below. You may need to add the service via the "gear" in services. If the service is not available, contact your school's Kopps administrators.

• Examiners on courses where you are listed as such in Kopps.

• Course coordinator and Teacher listed in Kopps for current course offering have automatic access to the service,

• Administrators (some) have access to the service (requires special authorization).

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