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The service is continuously being developed with improvements. At this site we publish what has come in the latest update and may be of interest to you as a user.

July/August /September

  •   The new FUNKA codes that apply from july 1, 2019 are now included in the service
  •   New technology and a more modern style of service
  •   All columns can be sorted by clicking on the heading
  •   Clearer display with arrow that the two blue buttons "Show course participants" and "Function combinations" can be folded in and out
  •   Bug fixing of previous problems with i.a. Time-Outs


  •   When searching, a clear green "row" now shows that the service is working. If it runs out, click search again.
  •   Corrected that "-" is switched to "0" when the temporary switching starts. Number of occasional bytes, display before searching


  •   The number of unique FUNKA combinations is now displayed compiled Function combination
  •   Now only courses are shown where there are participants/students
  •   Service language adjustments (English)
  •   Purge in the history of the browser Edge - previously low course code etc left
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