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Course introduction

At the page "Before course selection" an image and a descriptive text for the course is shown. The same description is also shown in the course memo. With the help of the About course administration tool, and the function "Course introduction", this information can be edited. Below you can find information about the function and how to use it.

The image and the descriptive text which is displayed on the page "Before course selection" complements the course syllabus and the common course information which is displayed on the same page. See how the image and text is shown in the page "Before course selection" and in the course memo at The content of About course .

Edit course introduction

With the help of the About course administration tool, and the function "Course introduction", the course coordinator and examiner can edit the image and text that is shown at the page "Before course selection". The function is built in three steps where you can go back and forth between the three steps, and there is built-in guidance in the function.

If you have not edited the text and image by using the function "Course introduction" a pre-selected image (based on the main field of study) and the short description from Kopps/Ladok (if such text has been entered into Kopps/Ladok) will automaticly be displayed at the page "Before course selection". If there is no description entered in Kopps/Ladok there is a blank space around the image.

Insert an image

Via the function, you can replace the pre-selected image by uploading your own selected image. The image will be displayed with the format 400px in width and 300px in height. The tool resizes the image, so you don't have to do it you self.

The image should be decorative and relate to the subject of the course, but in order for the image to meet the requirements for accessibility, the image must not carry information.

The file format of the image must be of type .png or .jpg.

If you don't have your own image, here you can find images that is used for freestanding courses (OneDrive) . All images are free to use.

Enter a descriptive text about the course

Via the function, you can also add a descriptive text, which will be displayed along with the image instead of the text entered in Kopps/Ladok.

The text will be displayed together with the image instead of the text that may be entered in Kopps/Ladok. Please note that the text will not be changed in Kopps/Ladok.  

The text should not be longer than 2-3 sentences and should always be in Swedish, but also in English for courses with English as the language of instruction.

To the tool

Search for your course in the course and programme directory: Search course . Click on the link "Administer About course" to log in to the administration tool. Then select "Edit" in the "Course introduction" box.

More help? 

Detailed instructions for Course introduction

Access to About course

Contact and support for About Course

If you have questions or technical problems or want help from local support at your school to publish your Course Memo, you will find the contact details on the page Support for About Course

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