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Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning (LL) includes freestanding courses, contract education, MOOCs and other more informal learning activities such as open lectures and seminars.

KTH's goal is for lifelong learning to be an integral part of KTH's education and to comprise about 20 percent of the total volume of education. In recent years, the government has implemented special initiatives and given assignments aimed at increasing lifelong learning at Sweden's universities and higher education institutions.

Direct government funded continuing professional development – freestanding courses 

Direct government funded continuing professional development is primarily aimed at professionals who wish to continue their education or develop their skills and careers. KTH's offer is currently in the form of freestanding courses.

Checklist: Course information for freestanding courses

It is important that information about freestanding courses is filled in in a clear way so that as many as possible can find and want to apply to KTH's courses. Here you will find how to fill in or update course information for a freestanding course, step by step.

Contract education

Contract education is paid education commissioned by employers for their employees, to develop employees' skills. KTH offers both tailored and open contract education in different subjects.

Processes within lifelong learning

Processes within direct government funded continuing professional development and contract education are currently not available in English, but it is an ongoing work. Once processes are available they will be published on this page. 

Resources for education within lifelong learning 

KTH's Canvas template for lifelong learning courses

Checklist: Course information for freestanding courses

Photos available to use for freestanding courses (OneDrive)

Frequently asked questions and answers about lifelong learning (FAQ)

Support for About Course


Two students sitting in booths in the Architecture building

Top three courses at KTH – and what makes them popular

KTH's most popular freestanding courses within lifelong learning handle the hot topics of Python programming, ethical hacking andcyber security.

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Canvas template for LL courses now available

There is now a Canvas template tailored for courses where students may not be used to studying. The template contains, among other things, resources for inexperienced students and forums where students can discuss together.

KTH's Canvas template for lifelong learning courses

Portrait of Anders Johansson

Fresh thinking key in lifelong learning

The need for competence development is growing as society changes and technology progresses at a faster pace. How can KTH meet the needs of the wider market? We asked Anders Johansson, Coordinator for lifelong learning at KTH.

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Portrait photos of Linda Söderlindh, Andrea Eriksson, Markus Lithander and Mathias Ekstedt

Teachers share their best tips

With its further education courses, KTH is part of the solution to the problem of skills shortages in society. Teachers from ITM, CBH and EECS talk about what motivates them to create these kinds of courses and share their best tips.

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Portrait photo of Olav Vahtras

”The money we got for the course was a positive surprise”

Olav Vahtras, professor in theoretical chemistry at CBH, gives the freestanding course Programming in Python. With over a thousand applicants, it’s by far the most popular freestanding course at CBH.

Read the interview with Olav


For general questions about educational administrative processes, contact Karin Hellmalm,

Frequently asked questions and answers about lifelong learning (FAQ)

All contact information for lifelong learning at KTH

In charge of lifelong learning at KTH

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