Crisis management group ABE

In case of emergency call:

SOS alarm 112 (police, ambulance, fire department) and KTH:s emergency number 08-790 7700

Crisis management group for the ABE-school

Johanna Stellan
Johanna Stellan, head of administration 087908665
Catherine Abreu Pimenta
Catherine Abreu Pimenta, human resources manager 087909413

Students incl. exchange students:

Cecilia Månson Blom
Cecilia Månson Blom, ed. administration manager 087909421


Fire protection officer

Anders Blomqvist
Anders Blomqvist, infrastructure manager 087908674

Communications officer

Josefin Backman
Josefin Backman, communications officer 087909416

School safety representative

During a crisis the following are available; Avonova Occupational Health Services and/or Student Health, KTH HR manager and HR consultants from the central HR Department (UF). The Head of KTH Security (UF), Head of communication (UF) and the KTH Management Team are also available if required.

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