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Reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries

The manager is responsible for serious occupational injuries/incidents being reported without delay to the KTH emergency number 08-790 7700 and to the Work Environment Authority ( or phone 010-730 90 00).

How to report incidents, risks and occupational injuries

In emergency situations and in need of immediate assistance:

  1. call the emergency number 112 immediately and thereafter
  2. contact KTH's emergency number 08-790 77 00

The manager is responsible for ensuring that serious incidents and serious occupational injuries are reported without delay (within 48 hours) to the Swedish Work Environment Authority at  or by phone to 010-730 90 00.

• After an incident, occupational injury or risk the affected / injured person should fill in the KTH form “Reporting incidents or occupational injuries”  together with the nearest manager. The form can be found in KTH's form archive under “Arbetsmiljö organisatorisk och social/fysisk” and is available in Swedish and English.
• E-form for Försäkringskassan [Swedish Social Insurance Agency] and to AFA and, if necessary, the Swedish Work Environment Authority is done via links in KTH's form, see above.
Confirmation of the filled in E-forms (often a PDF) should be attached to KTH's form.
• KTH's form is signed by the affected / injured person, the nearest manager and by the local safety officer .
• KTH's form is then sent in original to the Head Safety Officer at the ABE school , who ensures that the form is complete and correctly filled out.
• The Head Safety Officer / HR Manager addresses the incident in the school collaboration group.
• The Head Safety Officer sends a copy of the form to GVS at  with cc: to those who signed the form.
• The original form is retained by the Head Safety Officer.