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Direct procurement

The following members of staff are responsible for carrying out all direct procurement at the School of Architecture and the Built environment:

Direct procurement over 100 000 SEK

Anders Blomqvist
Anders Blomqvist Purchase manager +4687908674 Profile

The purchasing manager for the School of Architecture and the Built Environment. Responsible for direct procurements over 100 000 SEK for the entire school.

Direct procurement up to 100 000 SEK


Civil and Architectural Engineering

Merja Carlqvist
Merja Carlqvist admin. operations manager, administrative coordinator +4687907834 Profile

Real Estate and Construction Management

Annette Stenberg
Annette Stenberg admin. operations manager 087908668 Profile

Philosophy and History


Betty Jurdell
Betty Jurdell administrative coordinator +4687909207 Profile


Sofia Jonsson
Sofia Jonsson administrative group manager +4687909248 Profile

School's Office och the School's Office of Student Affairs

Sustainable development, Environmental science and Engineering (SEED)

Urban Planning and Environment

Therese Gellerstedt
Therese Gellerstedt administrator +4687907980 Profile