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Events and conferences at KTH

Events and scientific conferences are organised regularly at KTH. They showcase research, bring people together with similar interests and help strengthen the brand.

On this page you'll find information about how to organise and event or a scientific conference at KTH.

KTH's internal event support

The communications department and KTH's service centres are available to assist you on how to organise your event or conference. KTH's service centres support employees at the following schools; CBH, EECS and ITM.

Internal event support

Our spaces and logistics

When you arrange an event or a conference it is important that you book your room(s) sooner rather than later. The halls on KTH's campuses are priorirised for lectures and research, meaning availability is limited. Internal services such as furnishing, cleaning and AV would also need to be considered during the early stages of planning. 

Contracted services and suppliers

KTH has signed framework agreemens for a number of services within the communications department to aid when organising an event or conference.

Contracted services and suppliers

Printed material och profile products

Templates for name badges, KTH presentation material and information about profile products. 

Printed material och profile products

The processing of personal data

KTH as data controller is responsible for the processing of personal data during the planning and execution of events and conferences. It is important to inform the attendees how their personal data is being processed and how it can be erased.

The processing of personal data

Digital events and conferences

The need to for virtual meetings has increased over the past few years. At KTH, Zoom is available for digital meetings. Alternatively digital solutions can also be purchased from our procured suppliers. 

Digital and hybrid solutions