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How to write KTH

It is important that all KTH employees write our name consistently. Partly because it develops our brand, and partly because it optimises search engine hits and we get a higher ranking. These are the style regulations that apply to KTH.

KTH in Swedish

In some texts, you may initially have to write out the full name, but after that you should write KTH. If the full name is spelled out [in Swedish], note that Kungliga Tekniska högskolan is written with capital K, capital T and lower-case h. This is because when a name is preceded by Kungliga (Royal), you keep the capital letter of the proper noun, which in this case is Tekniska högskolan.

Use all capitals when writing the abbreviation. The possessive form in Swedish is written with a colon (KTH:s) and in English with an apostrophe (KTH's).

Name of schools are written out in full – avoid abbreviations

Write the full name of the school in all external communications, i.e., School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (at KTH), School of Architecture and the Built Environment (at KTH) etc. This will be clearer, as an external audience will not necessarily understand the abbreviations CBH, ABE, etc.

The same applies when writing names of departments and divisions. Write Institutionen för energiteknik, Avdelningen för organisk kemi (Department of Energy Technology, Division of Organic Chemistry) etc. Do not use the abbreviated names.

Our campuses

The KTH campus at Valhallavägen is called KTH Campus, and the other campuses are KTH Kista, KTH Södertälje, KTH Flemingsberg and KTH Solna. There is also a part of KTH located at the AlbaNova University Center (along with Stockholm University).

Our library is called the KTH Library.

KTH in English text

The first time, write out the full name, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, thereafter use KTH in the running text.

Theses and publications

Having everyone write in the same way is important for the searchability of articles and publications. When all employees at KTH use the same structure for sender and addresses, it also becomes clear and simple for the recipient or reader.

Example of sender:

  • Swedish: KTH, Skolans namn, Institutionen för XX, 100 44 Stockholm
  • English: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Name of school, Department of XX, SE-100 44 Stockholm

Postal addresses
Name of School
100 44 Stockholm

Official name for KTH in other languages

Official names for KTH only exist in Swedish and English. In other languages, the English name is used in official documents.

In daily speech there may be a need for a name in the local language. The language committee has recommendations for Japanese and Chinese.

Recommended name in Japanese: 王立工科大学

Recommended name in Chinese: 皇家理工学院

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