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Intermittent employment

The information on this page guides you through the recruitment process for an intermittent appointment. It facilitates and contributes to quality assuring and streamlining the process. To start the process, contact HR at your school.

The recruitment manager in collaboration with the HR at your school carries out this planning prior to the start of a new recruitment process and develops an employment profile / requirements profile.

What is intermittent employment?

Intermittent employment is not a special form of employment but instead describes a very short-term employment on one or more occasions, where the employee has the right to say yes or no to the employment offer. The concept is intended to clarify that the fixed-term employment does not extend over a continuous period. Instead, the employment is limited to each individual occasion that the employee has agreed to work.
The time limit basis used for so-called intermittent employment is special fixed-term employment (SÄVA) and is regulated in the Employment Protection Act.