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Student employees

The information on this page guides you through the recruitment process for student employees. It facilitates and contributes to quality assuring and streamlining the process. To start the process, contact HR at your school.

In collaboration with the HR at your school, the recruiting manager carries out the planning

ahead of a new recruitment and draws up an appointment/requirements profile.

Appointment as a student employee at KTH is regulated under a collective agreement.

You do not need recruitment permission to recruit a student employee. However, before contacting HR, you do, as a manager, need to be aware of the provisions regulating student employee appointments.

Requirements and restrictions when appointing a student employee

The student employee agreement aims to create the right conditions for harmonising work and studies where said work is linked to ongoing studies.

There are the following requirements and restrictions when appointing a student employee:

  • The appointment may equate to no more than 25% of a full-time position.
  • Only a person undertaking full-time study who has already completed approved studies equating to at least 60 higher education credits and who has not started third-cycle education can be appointed as a student employee.
  • A student employee appointment is to be of limited duration (no more than four employment periods). Appointment duration in each appointment period can be no more than the length of the semester throughout which it is intended the appointment should last.
  • You will find the Agreement on limited-duration employment of student employees here, available only in Swedish

All recruitment matters are to be handled via KTH’s recruitment system, Varbi.