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English designations of academic positions

In accordance with the President's decision (Dnr V-2017-0840 and V-2018-1022), the following Swedish and English designations of positions, functions etc. are KTH's official designations.

Swedish English
professor Professor
gästprofessor Visiting Professor
adjungerad professor Adjunct Professor
lektor Associate Professor
docent Docent
forskarassistent/biträdande lektor Assistant Professor
forskare Researcher
adjunkt Lecturer
doktorand Doctoral student
doktorandanställning Doctoral student employment
tekniker Technician
administratör Administrator
bibliotekspersonal Library staff
rektor President
prorektor Deputy President
vicerektor Vice President for...
fakultetsrådet Faculty Council
fakultetens förtroenderåd Faculty Advisory Board
fakultetens dekanus Dean of Faculty
prodekanus Vice Dean of Faculty
skolchef Head of School
vice skolchef Deputy Head of School
prefekt Head of Department
avdelningschef Head of Division
grundutbildningsansvarig (GA) Director of First and Second Cycle Education
forskarutbildningsansvarig (FA) Director of Third Cycle Education
programansvarig (PA) Program Director
studierektor (irrespective of cycle) Director of Studies
universitetsstyrelse University Board
rektors ledningsråd President's Management Council
rektors strategiska råd

President's Strategic Council

skolkansli School's Office

School's Office of Student Affairs

förvaltningschef University Director
administrativ chef Head of Administration
funktionsansvarig för utbildningsadministration Educational Administration Manager
funktionsansvarig för personaladministration Human Resources Manager
funktionsansvarig för ekonomiadministration Finance Manager
funktionsansvarig för infrastrukturfrågor Infrastructure Manager
institution department
avdelning division
kompetenscentrum competence centre

For Swedish and English designations of other positions, functions etc., please refer to the KTH Swedish-English dictionary, maintained by the KTH Language Committee. There is also a national Swedish-English dictionary for university and college terms, maintained by UHR, the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

KTH Swedish-English dictionary, interactive search

UHR Swedish-English dictionary