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Questions and answers

Can the scholarship be terminated by KTH?

No, the scholarship holder must renounce the scholarship. The same applies if the scholarship holder wants to take a study break. The renounce must be in writing, for example by e-mail.

Can a scholarship holder receive reimbursement for expenses?

No, since a scholarship holder isn't employed. The scholarship must cover normal living expenses e.g., gym card, public transport, etc.

Scholarship holders do however receive reimbursement for travel expenses. Please read the sections regarding scholarship-funded postdoctoral researcher.

Does a scholarship holder receive sick and parental benefits from KTH? Is a scholarship holder entitled to vacation? 

No, a scholarship holder does not receive sick and parental benefits from KTH. Scholarship holders do not have any formally regulated vacation.

Is it possible to receive a scholarship for more that two years? 

Generally no, exceptions are for example CSC scholars, HEC scholars and some SIDA scholars.

Is it possible to receive a scholarship as doctoral student and then a scholarship as a Postdocotor at KTH?

No. If the person did their PhD at another university, it is possible to obtain a postdoctoral scholarship at KTH, but not if the person did their PhD at KTH.

How do I announce a Postdoctor scholarship?

Please follow the link for a more detaild description of how to announce a Postdoctoral scholarship.

Announcement of a Postdoctor scholarship