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Scholarship-Funded doctoral student

KTH does not Establish and Award scholarships for doctoral students. However, there are doctoral students at KTH with scholarships financed by external part (e.g. under international collaboration agreements).

Legal status for Scholarship-Funded doctoral student

Scholarship holders are not employed by KTH and therefore there are specific legal aspects that affect pension, the right to vacation, etc.

Social security benefits

The scholarship holders right to social security benefits varies depending on citizenship, duration in Sweden, etc. The right to social security benefits must be clarified in each individual case so that the scholarship holder and KTH knows what applies.

A Scholarship-Funded doctoral student should review his or her private insurance situation in case he / she doesn’t qualify to be enrolled in the Swedish social insurance (Försäkringskassan).

Scholarship-Funded doctoral student, personal injury during stay in campus

insurance (a general student insurance). The insurance applies under studies in Sweden. Students are insured during their stay in campus and during direct travel between the residence and the university. The insurance covers personal injuries through accidents and some cases of illness through infection. The insurance applies to both Swedish and foreign students.

The main rule is that a foreign student must be insured via the home university. In addition to the personal injury insurance, there is, as a complement to foreign students, the Kammarkollegiet Student-In insurance, in cases where KTH has an agreement with the student's university regarding exchange between the universities.

Scholarship-funded doctoral student with foreign citizenship

KTH has signed a collective insurance for people with foreign citizenship who do not have insurance coverage. The insurance covers foreign citizen's who participate in KTH's activities, including Scholarship-Funded doctoral students and their accompanying family (spouse / cohabitant and children). The insurance has an adequate insurance cover for a shorter period.

Sickness and parental leave

A scholarship is not a benefit-based income and does not entitle to sick pay or parental benefit from KTH. Scholarship-Funded doctoral students can apply for parental and sick leave compensation via Kammarkollegiet. The compensation corresponds with the compensation employees receive through the Swedish social insurance (Försäkringskassan). The application is administered by the concerned school, the applicant and Kammarkollegiet.


Scholarships holders have no formally regulated holiday entitlement.


No pension provision is made for scholarship holders.


Scholarship holders are not entitled to health and wellness benefits.

Travel expenses for scholarship-funded doctoral students

When the grantees are participants at conferences that are part of their study plan and development plan, it is seen as a business trip according to the Swedish Tax Agency. KTH can therefore provide compensation for travel, accommodation, etc. according to common rules for business travel.

The trips must be handled within KTH-Res with booking and travel expenses. Travel orders are not required.

The grantees do not receive their own user profile in KTH-Res, but the trips must be booked by an employee in the same way that they can order trips for guests. Thus, fellows should not book trips or make travel bills themselves.

In KTH-Res, the travel bill type "Multi-day trip without per diem supplement" is selected.

In order to book a trip for a fellow in KTH-Res, the following information is required:

  • Who will administer the trip for the fellow


  • Name
  • Social security number (or co-ordination number)
  • Home address
  • Org unit
  • From date of trip
  • Destinations
  • Purpose of the trip
  • Sakattestantkod (XXXX KTHXXX)

Please inform the  in good time before booking a trip.

Exceptions to the above routine should be made in cases where the grantee does not have a personal/coordination number and in cases where KTH-Res so decides.

In the case of these exceptions, the form "Payment of fees/hourly wages" shall be used. At "Select here" on the form, the Conference Trip Fellow is  selected.  The form and receipts, in the original, must be sent to the Payroll function for registration.

The required forms can be found by following the link: Forms and templates