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Fika chat about the projects starting 2023

Podcast "Fika chat on the future of education" – episode 6

Photo: red glass entrance into a café with red chairs and walls with mathematic formulas.

Johan Fridell chats over coffee with guests from or outside KTH about the future of education in general and the change programme Future Education at KTH in particular. In this sixth episode, Johan will chat with Gunnar Tibert and about the projects that will start 2023.

Time: Wed 2023-05-10 15.00 - 15.30

Video link: Zoom

Language: Swedish

Participating: Johan Fridell with Gunnar Tibert and Markus Hidell

Today's chat: development projects

In the sixth episode of "Fika chat on the future of education" Johan Fridell chats with Gunnar Tibert ( programme management) and Markus Hidell (GA EECS) about the outcome of project kick-off 3 April with the Heads of schools, Directors of the First and Second Cycle Education (GA) and Deputy GA. Read more below:

Inspiration, collaboration, and synergy set the tone for the programme's first project conference

Future education projects at SCI

EECS admits more students to increase revenue

About the podcast

Live chat with information and knowledge sharing

The program management for KTH's change program Future Education at KTH will use live podcasts as a communication channel. Partly for synchronous direct communication about the future of education in general and KTH's change program in particular. The format provides a space especially on the approach and perspective on KTH's improvement work over the next 5-10 years.

Initially we will start with every second Wednesday at 15:00 (between 15-30 minutes).

In terms of content the podcasts can offer:

Knowledge sharing and experience exchange

  • KTH internal sources: colleagues share good examples with each other
  • External sources: we take inspiration and lessons from others outside KTH.

Information and updates

  • generally about education-related issues at KTH and
  • specifically about the change program Future education

Real-time documentation 

Furthermore, the podcast becomes a form of real-time documentation of current events and activities within the Future education at KTH program.

The episodes will be recorded, subtitled and published on the , including a text version of the translation into English (or Swedish, if the podcast is conducted in English).

Co-create for the podcast

Since we are podcasting live, you have the opportunity to ask questions and comment during the conversation. If you have your own wishes about what you would like to hear, or maybe even participate in the podcast yourself, you are welcome to contact  (write "podcast" in the subject line).

Podcast host: Johan Fridell

Maybe you recognize the podcast host Johan Fridell, who during the corona pandemic fikapodded with a former KTH colleague about digitalization at KTH. Search for Fikapodden (& Fika) Spotify or on Youtube.

Johan Flid Fridell
Johan Flid Fridell
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