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An Ontology-Based Platform for Information Integration

Supporting Sustainable Smart Transportation Infrastructure

Time: Fri 2023-03-10 13.00

Location: M108, Brinellvägen 23, Stockholm

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Language: English

Subject area: Civil and Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering and Bridges

Doctoral student: Wiebke Belitz-Hellwich , Bro- och stålbyggnad

Opponent: Professor Vangelis Angelakis, Linköpings Universitet

Supervisor: Professor Nicole Kringos, Bro- och stålbyggnad; Dr. Annika Gram, Byggteknik och design; Dr. Romain Balieu, Arkitekturteknik, Bro- och stålbyggnad

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QC 230217


Transportation and transportation infrastructure are major contributors to global emissions. Even though most of these emissions can be attributed to fuel consumption of vehicles, some of it is due to pavement construction and maintenance. Improving the condition and extending the life span of transportation infrastructure is an integral part to helping reduce infrastructure related emissions. A better understanding of mutual effect of traffic and infrastructure condition is needed to reach this goal. In this thesis the aim is to synchronize logistics operations and pavement condition in a port environment. For this purpose, a logistics simulation model and a Finite Element (FE) model are connected through a system of ontologies, that facilitate information exchange between the models. The suggested approach consists of two connected ontologies (one for logistics operations and one for pavements), interfaces between the models and the ontologies, as well as an application that runs the exchange. Additionally, performance tests have been carried out to judge the impact of the integration on run time of the individual applications.